Fall 2014

Martha Silano Beneath twelve feet of ashy topsoil,
Jenna Bazzell My Mother’s Nightmare
Karina Borowicz Natural Histories
Joelle Biele In Her Other Life
Jessica Jacobs Georgia O’Keefe (Half-Naked, in White); Alfred Faces the Camera, Georgia Turns Away; Like an Early Blue Abstraction
Peter Leight Ascent
Ruth Williams Night Light
Grace Curtis Autonomy
Sarah Gerkensmeyer Show Me Spring
Katherine E.  Young Euclidean Geometry
David Wright Curse
Helena Mesa On Love
Mark Rubin Esther; Unwhittled
Daniel Bourne All Souls Day, Illinois
Alix Anne Shaw What They Knew
Rosanne Smith Nativity: Elegy for my Father
J. Camp Brown Eulogy | Spring Mountain Cemetry
Al Maginnes What Music Will Not Change
Darien Cavanaugh Perpetual Care
Gregg Murray [When I was a Railroad Hammer]
Trista Edwards Harvest Child
Dan Alter Only
Jadyn DeWald After
Afsheen Farhadi Green
Sara Schaff Ports of Call
Jill Kronstadt Reconnaissance
Curt Saltzman Mud Baby
Aharon Levy The Upper Hand
Kyle Ellingson An Intricate Decision
Aaron Peters Bad Tooth
Teresa Milbrodt Larissa and Adventures in Anatomy; Larissa and the Metamorphosis; Larissa and Rescue Aid
Shelly Weathers Graduation Event
Elissa Cahn Orphan Andy’s
George Choundas Because I’m Listening is for Dillholes
Jon Steinhagen Loami
Laura Citino The Oil Spill
Ajay Vishwanathan Why a Darker God?