The Department of Archives & Excerpts, An Index

Afshar, Jessica, “The Lake,” Fiction, Fall 2012 (excerpt)

Blum, Isaac, “Toast,” Fiction, Fall 2013 (excerpt)

Bradbury, Jamey, “Turnagain,” Fiction, Fall 2011 (excerpt)

Bray, Tara, “Fuel,” Poetry, Spring 2013

Calvocoressi, Gabrielle, “Box Fugue,” Poetry, Fall 2009

de la Paz, Oliver, “Colony Collapse Disorder in Honey Bees as Eschatology,” Poetry, Fall 2009

Ellenberger, James, “The Waiting Room at the End of the World,” Poetry, Fall 2012

Farhadi, Afsheen, “Green,” Fiction, Fall 2014

Goodman, Lauren Foss, “Frank and the Shark,” Fiction, Fall 2012 (excerpt)

Griffin, Lindsey, “The Green Cadillac,” Fiction, Spring 2013 (excerpt)

Halscheid, Theresé, “Totems,” Nonfiction, Spring 2014 (excerpt)

Hoffman, Dustin M., “Sawdust and Glue,” Fiction, Fall 2013 (excerpt)

Kubie, Rachel, “Wyeth’s Helga,” Poetry, Fall 2013

Lefer, Diane, “Legacy Waste,” Fiction, Spring 2013

Levens, Joseph, “Gunner,” Short-Short, Fall 2010

Levens, Joseph, “Half-Life,” Short-Short, Fall 2013

Locascio, Lisa, “One Hundred Mile House,” Fiction, Fall 2013 (excerpt)

McAuliffe, Shena, “This Precarious Hive: Denture House at MOMA,” Fiction, Fall 2012

Minor, Kyle, “Navel Gazing: An Essay,” Fall 2010 (excerpt)

Peters, Aaron, “Bad Tooth,” Fall 2014 (excerpt)

Reed, Benjamin, “Surprise Me With Something Familiar,” Fiction, Spring 2007

Steele, Jenny Wales, “Odysseys,” Fiction, Spring 2014

Varallo, Anthony, “Think of Me and I’ll Know,” Fiction, Fall 2011 (excerpt)

Vishwanathan, Ajay, “Why a Darker God?” Nonfiction, Fall 2014 (excerpt)

Wells, Kellie, “Ten Questions for Kellie Wells,” Mini-Interview, Fall 2011

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